How To Change Picture Background Using Photoshop

How To Change Picture Background Using Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop allows you to manipulate and customize images. You can change the image background or can change the color of the background. Below are few steps which will guide you to change the picture background using Photoshop. While following these steps if you face any issue you can contact the Adobe help number anytime and you will receive a fast response.

  • Step 1: Open you Adobe Photoshop and on the top left corner you will see “File”, click on it.
  • Step 2: Then go to “Open” and open the image for which you want to change the background.
  • Step 3: On the left side bar there are lots of tool option one of them is “lasso tool”, it is round in shape and looks like a ‘Q’, right click on it and then click on “Magnetic lasso Tool”.
  • Step 4: Then move the tool on the image body outline and then press enter.
  • Step 5: Right click on the cropped image and select “Layer via Copy”, then on the layer menu click on “new” and then “Layer”.
  • Step 6: Now open the background image which you want to place in Photoshop.
  • Step 7: Now press “Ctrl+A” first and then “Ctrl+C” using you keyboard and then paste it on the original image using “Ctrl+P”.
  • Step 8: Now delete the layer named “Background” and also change the order of two layers, layer 1 and layer 2.
  • Step 9: Now change the size of Layer 2 using “Ctrl+T” according to the front image and then it is done.

These were the steps to take you through the process of changing the background image of a picture in Adobe Photoshop. If you get stuck somewhere, feel free to contact Adobe customer support Australia and your call will always be answered by skilled professionals and also it will allow you to conduct the conversation as long as you need it to be, in order to resolve your issue.